No current record defined for <WEB_CONF> file.

WL call: Process of 'Local Procedure CheckPoweredBy (server)' (Principal.PROCEDURE.CheckPoweredBy), line 18, thread 0 'HModify' function, syntax 1 What happened? No current record defined for <WEB_CONF> file. Error code: 70205 Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL) WD55 error code: 205 Dump of the error of 'WD180HF.DLL' module ( Identifier of detailed information (.err): 70403 Debugging information: IEWDHF=29.5 Module=<WDHF> Version=<> Fonction (7,16) Additional Information: EIT_LOGICALTABLENAME : <WEB_CONF> EIT_PILEWL : Local Procedure CheckPoweredBy (server) (Principal.PROCEDURE.CheckPoweredBy), line 18 Global Declarations of Principal (server) (Principal), line 7 EIT_DATEHEURE : 12/11/2018 18:52:37